Great British Sewing Bee 2020 Sew-along Lock-down Style! Week 2 – Palazzo Pants

Welcome to week 2 of my lock-down Great British Sewing Bee sew-along! Continuing from last week, I’m aiming to sew something from each show…without making any purchases and not getting too stressed about matching exactly.

Didn’t think the husband would be impressed with me chopping up our towels to make a beach cover-up seeing as we live about as far away from the cost as you can get in the UK. I also didn’t fancy making a shirt that the husband would never wear. So this week I thought I would Palazzo pant!

I hunted out a trouser pattern and found this….

The closest patter I had to Palazzo pants 😬

Not even close to a Palazzo pant, but I thought that at the very least I could use it for sizing and the waist band. When I got the pattern out, it was much more tapered in the leg than I think it looks on this picture but as I was changing anyway I didn’t worry.

If I can avoid it, I never cut patterns. I always trace them onto tissue paper so that I can use the patterns for multiple sizes. So I traced the pattern, sketching the amendments I needed to make. I also made a practice version out of some old cut-up sheets (shorts length only) because I was worried my pattern wouldn’t be right. I’m very pear shaped so often my waist is much slimmer than my hips – this was definitely the case here, so I made a big amendment to the pattern after the practice. This helped to save precious fabric!

I felt like I want to include the concealed pockets (the pattern didn’t have these at all) and so I changed lots of the pattern to get where I wanted. Having hunted out a delicious wax print from the stash (which is definitely much louder in style than I would normally wear) I realised it was going to be incredibly tight to get the trousers made from what I had…but I went for it!

Ready to cut the main pattern pieces for the Palazzo pants

Laying out the pattern pieces you can see how close it was to not being enough! As it was, I had to use offcuts from the hem to patch together to make the reverse of the waistband, but they did eventually come together.

I totally winged the pockets, by watching the bee back a second time (tough times! 😂) And they turned out brilliantly. Didn’t risk a contrast despite being very low on fabric – if Patrick and Esme think it’s a bad idea then it has to be right?!

Thankfully this was a much shorter sew than the dress last week… so I’ve caught up enough to be able to post the finished project before the next Great British Sewing Bee episode airs tonight.

Not sure how much I’ll wear these, but they are actually quite a lot of fun and are very cool on this lovely sunny day.

Wasn’t able to precisely pattern match as I had so little fabric, but I think they turned out ok
So glad I included the pockets, not only did they turn out well, they make the trousers so much more practical
Definitely enough room for a shimmy
My neighbours hopefully enjoyed the spectacle of me trying to jump to the camera on timer

Well, that’s all for this week. May well sit and watch the Bee tonight in my new Palazzo pants. Will be very interested to see which contestant leaves this week, as I thought the one who left last week wasn’t the weakest. We shall see!

May the supermarket queues be short, and fellow shoppers patient and considerate if you head out this week,

Bec x x

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