Bec on the Beeb

A few weeks ago I was contacted through Facebook to ask if I would go on BBC Three Counties Radio and do some live making on air and talk about crafting. I’ll be honest, it was a completely random bolt from the blue, but happily I was free on the day and was massively excited to go and do something new.

So, on 29th December, I drove down to Dunstable and meet the very lovely Sophie Sulehria, and along with Marion from Project 229 in Kempston, went on air to talk about crafting and took along some English Paper Piecing to have a go at on air.

It was quite hard to decide what to take, but I figured a simple, hand sewing technique would be best as I wasn’t sure the sewing machine chugging away in the background would work!

It was a bit of a whirlwind with short bursts of chat in between songs and other segments, but I hopefully didn’t say anything too crazy. My best friend said I came across well, but she is, of course, delightfully biased. My husband found the fact that I admitted on air to not loving cats was the highlight, but then, he’s less into crafting. Thankfully he didn’t text in a question on how to deal with a wife whose fabric collection is taking over the house (but he certainly threatened). Guessing it might be in my best interest to have a bit of a tidy up…..

Sadly you can no longer listen back to the programme but Sophie put some brief step by step instructions up on twitter and you can see them here:

I’m thinking I want to put up a full tutorial on what I was up to, and to show you how it’s developed into a bigger piece as I’m on leave and have had some lovely down time watching movies with the kids and hand sewing. For now though I just wanted to do a quick post showing you what I got up to.

Thanks to Sophie and BBC Three Counties Radio for a fun and totally new experience. Here’s hoping 2019 is a year of new adventures and plenty of sewing.

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