The V & A Museum 

I absolutely love the V&A Museum. Some might say a little obsessively. Recently I discovered that my best friend, a fine art painting graduate, has never been.  Literally NEVER been. This had to be remedied.  We also needed have a day of fun so we planned a day trip to London, packed up our sketchbooks, brought our tickets, travelled from our respective home towns and met up.
It was an absolutely awesome sauce day (my kids have somehow got me addicted to this saying, apparently it’s the new ‘sick’).

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own artistic practice, brainstorming, reading and pulling together ideas and it was delightful to be surrounded by so much art and history from such a broad spectrum of disciplines.

The scale of some of the displays is fantastical. I found myself wondering if the number of hours involved in creating all of the items on display could somehow be calculated and how astronomical that number of hours would be. Considering the craftsmanship, skill and innovation on display.  The practical made beautiful. The artistry of everyday. The tenacity of items made thousands of years previously still in tact showing the hallmarks of their maker. The incredible drive of mankind to make, manufacture, embellish, record, explore, hone and create.

I feel fuelled for creativity, stirred to fire up my sketchbook and go back to playing with the textiles, fibres, fabrics and techniques I love so much to make new work. I’m sure life will try and get in the way, but I hope this marks a turning point. Research can only get me so far.  It’s time to get making.

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