Tutorial: Make Your Own Simple Softie Unicorns To Decorate 

For my daughter’s 4th birthday party she really wanted a unicorn themed party. I, of course, was completely on board with adding rainbows, glitter (still finding that everywhere) and unicorns into our lives on a grand scale.

As a craft activity I made up what felt like hundreds of mini unicorns (it was actually only 17) that were plain and got the kids to colour in and decorate their own using Sharpies. It went down a treat and meant that every child go to take home their own cute personalised unicorn.

If you want to have a go, here’s a tutorial on how to make them!

You will need:

  • White fabric (poly cotton or cotton work fine – I used some off cuts from a pair of curtains I shortened)
  • Toy stuffing – you can buy specific stuffing or you can buy a basic/value pillow and use the stuffing from in there which tends to work out cheaper
  • Needle and thread/sewing machine
  • Pencil/vanishing fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Wool – I used rainbow colours, you don’t need whole balls just some offcuts
  • Wool needle
  • Sharpies/fabric markers for decorating
  • The pattern – you can download it here: Unicorn Pattern.

Step 1

Print off your pattern. I put it onto card as I was making lots in one go and then used it to draw round onto the fabric, giving me a line to sew along.  You can use a pencil (be gentle so as not to make too dark a line) or vanishing fabric marker for this.  Cut 2 of them from your fabric, leaving a seam allowance of approx 1.5cms.

Step 2

Sew both pieces together following the line you’ve drawn.  If you’re using a machine, use a medium stitch length (on my lovely ancient Bernina it was set to about 2.5).  Make sure to leave the gap shown on the pattern between the two short lines that will allow you to turn it inside out.  At the beginning and end I did a couple of back stitches so that the opening would be secure when I was stuffing later.  If you’re hand stitching then just do a nice close running stitch.

Step 3

Using scissors or pinking shears trim the seam allowance and clip the curves, this will make sure that when you turn it the right way round the seams will lay flat, making the shape much nicer.

Turn the unicorn inside out.

Step 4

Stuff the unicorn with your filler. Use very small pieces of stuffing to fill the horn and ears first. Use a blunt knitting needle, the not-pointy end of a wooden kebab stick or similar blunt long stick to help get the stuffing right into the shape.

If you put too much stuffing in it will distort the shape. They are probably approx 2-3cms deep once completely stuffed.

Step 5

Sew up the gap using ladder stitch. A tutorial on this can be found here.

Step 6

To make the mane and tail thread a large wool needle with a piece of wool and stitch it into place.  For this put your needle through the back of the neck and bring it through until there is just a small tail left remaining.  Then, holding onto the tail, complete the exact same stitch in exactly the samee space again.  This should leave the original tail and another on the other side, ready to be trimmed, and a small stitch in the middle to anchor it.  You can do this sitch again if you want it even more secure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the mane I left about half a cm between each of my wools to space them out across the back of  the neck.  For the tail I stitched the same colours close together. Leave the threads longer than you’ll need. Stitch as many pieces as you want to make the mane and tail nice and full, then trim all of the ends so that the lengths match – I used 7 wools in rainbow(ish) colours for mine.

Step 7

Now your unicorn should be ready for decoration!


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