The Frog Pond

I was asked to make a group of frogs for the children at a preschool near me that had a variety of textures and fabrics for the children to play with. They had tried to order a set from educational supplier but it was discontinued and so they asked if I would be up for making some. Of course I was!

I cut up an African smock I had which had an incredible water-like appearance to make a pond. It had some embroidery on it but I thought that actually added something to a toy that was going to be tactile. For the lilys I used felt and hand stitched them, for the pads I sewed them onto the pond and added detail with freehand machine embroidery.

The frogs themselves were made using a pattern I purchased from Etsy¬†here. I didn’t actually pay attention when I purchased it, meaning I hadn’t realised it would be coming from the US, but in fact it was here in less than 2 weeks so it wasn’t too dramatic!

I also included a pair of twins as this was part of the set the preschool had wanted to purchase originally. I absolutely loved the fabric these were made from.

I was really pleased with how the set came together and am looking forward to hearing what the children think of the new addition.

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